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Casual Sex dates have the power to either ruin or make an otherwise great date into a disaster. A sex date is typically planned with the intention of having sex on a particular day and at a specific location. Some people may think that it’s OK to go for this type of date as long as they tell themselves that the date is free, only having sex on the night of the date, and doing everything possible to limit their chances of getting caught by their partner. However, these kind of strategies are not very realistic and rarely work out well. In most cases, sex on a scheduled sex date tends to go badly.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re on a scheduled sex date with a stranger or a total stranger is to leave the location of the event out of their itinerary. This is most commonly seen in the case where the guy is some dude who lives in California but is headed towards Chicago for a weekend of poker. Dude, you need to tell yourself about this date number one. If you were in attendance and you saw that your date didn’t show up with his girlfriend, would you be comfortable sending him home without any sex? Of course not!

A good sex date is one where both partners can agree on all terms beforehand and then have fun. It’s when you get there that things can get tricky. Dude, don’t you know what happens when you try to schedule sex with a complete stranger? The likelihood that things will go wrong is pretty darn good. This is why many couples use a private investigator to set up a sex date.

What if your date tells you that he plans to meet you at a P. Charlotte, North Carolina hotel on the first date? While it’s understandable that he has to get to know you a little bit before the second date, don’t let him use this as an excuse to avoid giving you the time of day. “I can’t go to P. Charlotte, I have to work first thing Monday morning” is not a good reason. Put the emoticon to work for you and schedule the trip to a good location for you and your guy.

In addition to making sure that you get laid on your first date, a great way to ensure that he gets laid on subsequent dates is to create the perfect atmosphere for it. Don’t just think that because it’s your big wedding anniversary or you’re having a baby that he’ll feel obligated to pop the question on your birthday or your anniversary. You already know how special you are to him. He doesn’t need additional affirmation of this. Let him have his alone time just like you, without the crying, groaning, whining, fighting and pacing.

The reason that it’s important to create this atmosphere for your guy is so that he realizes that if he says and does these things to you, he has to be reciprocated in kind. This means that a “please treat me with attention” or “please treat me like a lady” comment isn’t appropriate or natural. It also means that you can start using the emoticon for all of your needs, which makes you irresistible to him. This is because he’ll be positively reminded of you when he sees that bill comes in the mail, even if it’s several months later. He also has a better understanding of your motivations for being with him.

Another great tip for scheduling sex is to do it when your partner is relaxed. If you’ve been together for a long time, chances are that he’s just as nervous as you are. Sometimes this anxiety can spill over onto the bedroom. If he’s stressed out and agitated over a bill coming in the mail, he won’t want to make love. If you don’t give him an excuse to be anxious, he’s less likely to be anxious over other things that could distract him from giving you pleasure.

Finally, one of the best tips for making sex more enjoyable is to actually bring home the bacon. When you’re having a good time, he’ll be thinking about you all the time. When he sees that bill coming in the mail, it will bring home some memories of when you were both dating. When your memory bank is stocked up with good times, he’s ready for prime time.

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